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Spray Tans                                 


Whether its for a holiday, your wedding day, party or that year - round feel good factor, these days having a healthy tan is a must for most women in Scotland.

Due to the growing concern surrounding the use of traditional UV tanning beds regarding health issues and skin condition there are now safer alternatives available.

Here at Fingertips we offer 4 different levels of tanning solution, from light to dark. If you are unsure which type would be best for you, please speak to one of our therapists who will be happy to advise you.

Tan takes 8 hours to develop.


Full Body Tan ~ £20

Half Body Tan ~ £16

Follow Up Session (within 7 days) £16

A flawless tan which allows you to look good enough to go out immediately after your session and your tan should last 5-7 days. 

Tonights the Night

Looking for a tan and go system? Tonights the Night is the perfect solution.

Develops in 2 Hours for a light tan or

Develops in 4 Hours for a darker tan

Prices as above

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